Office of Physical Education

School Team


Our school was established in 1958 with graduate school, and start from 1964, we have our university students, and before the first Mei-Chu game started in 1969, there wasn’t any school team. So the school team’s history was tightly tight with the history of Mei-Chu game.

In 1969, we have male and female’s basketball team, male volleyball team, soccer team, ping-pong team, badminton team, baseball team and tennis team competing in the Mei-Chu game. Back at that time, there were only about three hundred students in the school, and only twenty of them are girl, a lot of students are captain of more than one team. Like seniors Jin-Young Li, Zon-Chier Tsai. And we barely can’t have our female basketball team, before the official establishment of the girl’s team in 1977, they only play in the competition of 1974.

In 1970, we added relay in to the competition, than comes the team of track and field. In 1983, Ming-Chan Chang, Bin-Jung Rou joined the team and start the glorious history. The swimming team was established in 1974 with the opening of the swimming poll in Bou-Ai section.

In the year of 1972-1980, because of the space problem, there are no ping-pong, tennis and badminton games. The teams wasn’t established until the year of 1981, at the same year, we have the female volleyball team, too. 1991, female tennis team and 1996, the female archery team established. Most of these girls joined the team because of they love the sport, a lot of them learned from basic and worked really hard. The team of archery and taekwondou was turned from club into school team in the year of 1992 and 1993.

There are a lot of key person that lead the development of the school teams, like Shuan-Tsi Kao, Sian-Ping Liou, Chen-Shun Juon, Yon-Hwa Wang of basketball team. Ming-Jung Fon, Win-Chan Kou, Jue-Wei Chan of volleyball team. Ching-Chon Chan, Chiou-Jian Hu, Chang-Fon Chang and Chi-Bin Tsai of the soccer team. In baseball, there’s Wen-Shian Li, Jun-Chen Hsu. Chi-Chueng Wang, Bou-Joung Wang of the ping-pong team. And Hong-Jeng Ju, Sio-Juan Wei of the swimming team. 。

These students for the school team are all very outstanding in both school works and sport. There’s a high rate that they studied in graduate school or phd in the school because of the Mei-Chu game. And after graduate, they have their golden career in other enterprise or having their own company.

Now our school is working the history of the development of the school, the history of the school team is a big part of it, too. School teams have good achievement in both Mei-Chu game and inter-college competition. And hope in the future, these history of the school could bring the school together and let us create a even more glorious history.