Office of Physical Education


I. Director

Wei-Chang Liao


  • Phone31733
  1. Supervises physical education related businesses

II. Teaching Division

Chih-Chuan Wang

Division Director of Teaching Division

  • Phone51005

Yen-Ju Tsai

Administration Officer

  • Phone51001
  1. Business of the division.
  2. Business of funds and accounting.
  3. Provide students with help on choosing and withdraw the class.
  4. Computerize documents.
  5. Service for students with scholarships.
  6. Business of the development.
  7. Business of expenses.
  8. Meetings of the office and computerize the content.
  9. Computer works of the office.
  10. Other occasional business.
  11. Management and training business of the gym.
  12. Activities between teachers.
  13. Other occasional business.

III. Activity Division

Yi-Shin Chan

Division Director of Activity Division

  • Phone51016

Yi-Chiao Hsiao

Administration Officer

  • Phone51002
  1. All kinds of sport license and selling of swimming ticket.
  2. Management of sporting fields in and out of school.
  3. Planning for sport competitions inside school.
  4. Planning for the practice time of school team.
  5. Business of part time working student in office of physical education.
  6. Business concerning students’ graduation.
  7. Computer business.
  8. Other occasional business.

IV. Field Division

Chin-Jen Cheng

Division Director of Field Division

  • Phone51008

Hao Lee

Administration Officer

  • Phone51003

Ching-Ping Ni

Administration Officer

  • Phone51042
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Kai-Ying Tai

Administration Officer

  • Phone51025

Yi-Cheng Tseng

Administration Officer

  • Phone51038

Wen-Hung Tseng

Administration Officer

  • Phone51038


Administration Officer

  • Phone51027
  • Email

Ding-Tse Hong

Administration Officer

  • Phone51038
  • Email
  1. Business of the office.
  2. Take care of official documents.
  3. Management, supervise, maintain of the sporting fields.
  4. Management of the caretaker.
  5. Business of the equipment of the office.
  6. Management of sporting equipment across the school.
  7. Maintain of track and field, out door basketball and volleyball court, soccer court, baseball court.
  8. Management of the swimming pool in Buo-Ai section.
  9. Management of swimming pool in Kuang-Fu section.
  10. Management teachers tennis court and badminton building.
  11. Night shift of security of sporting fields.
  12. Live guard of swimming pool.
  13. Maintain water quality and machine of the swimming pool.
  14. Support of the gym.
  15. Other occasional business.